Tear-offs: Whether you have one layer of roofing or 3 layers we can take care of the demolition proccess. Emaculate clean-up is always completed
on every job.
Extra special care will be taken to protect your home from any possible precipitaion that might arise overnight during the roof removal process.
Felt paper is the vapor barrier that is applied over the sheeting that when installed properly will not allow moisture to get beneath it.
Leak repairs: If you notice any signs of leaks in your home, give us a call.
We have great success at solving the leak problem. If you let a roof continue
to leak, it may result in interior damage including mold, sheetrock repair, etc..
Custom flashings: If you have a unique area on your roof that needs flashed
we can help. We also install counter flashings on chimneys, and walls.
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Gutters: We install pre-painted seamless metal gutters and downspouts. They
come in a variety of colors, and styles. Here are the two most populars styles: 5K style on the left, and Fascia style on the right.
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Woods Roofing LLC
Licensed - Bonded - Insured
CCB #165046
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